Lavender Farm – Rainford, St Helens

Thank you for visiting my website. Let me introduce you to its nature and purpose.

You will not be asked to buy anything during your visit.

The site is my personal hobby portfolio. I hope that you will enjoy looking around the contents.

I have two hobbies writing and photography: I am not a professional in either area.

Each day, in the Photography section, I will post a Photo of the Day. It will not have been taken that day but will merely be one of my favourites. Each day I will say something about the photo.

Also, in a different area of the Photography section, most days,  I will say a little about my equipment or about a technique and I will illustrate what I am describing with one or more photos.

The photos are not for sale and there is no method on the site for me to take money anyway.

The Writing section is about a hobby I have only taken up during Lockdown. My wife and I were challenged by her daughter – each of us to do some creative writing. As a result, I have written a novel which is now published as a Kindle eBook. My wife is well on her way to completing her challenge. In the Writing section I will include details of my book (and of my wife’s when she finishes it). I will say something about the book and about how I went about writing it. I have started work on a second novel though I have no idea yet where it is headed.

For any Kindle user who wishes to read my book, it is available through the Amazon store.

Let me stress the point that the book was not written to make money. It was a labour of love that became an obsession. If you do feel moved to read it, thank you. It would be great to get your feedback.

You can read about me and my background on the About page


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