A little learning and an apology

“Do you know, Gareth,” she said, “I actually believe you. Even Julian said that it must have taken some gumption for you to be willing to swallow so much humble pie. But let me ask you again. Is this late conversion because there is now someone else on the scene? That you want to clear your conscience and elbow me back into history?”
“When you rang me, Marjorie, you asked me that question in almost the same words and I denied it,” he said, “I’m not trying to elbow you into history. I wish that I could clear my conscience, but what I did to you and Peter will always be a cause of deep regret to me. However, although what I said about a new love interest was true at that time, in the past ten days I have become romantically involved with someone else. I swear to you that I could not have foreseen that happening.”
“Oh my God!” she said, “I need to hear more. Who is she and by what miraculous process did this take place?”