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Hi, I’m Gerald Murphy. Welcome to this page about my books.

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My Books

I’ve got six books now published on Amazon Kindle as eBooks. The writing has been complemented by nightly reading of other writers’ books.

I’ve also posted daily blogs which appear under the “Writing and Photography” section of the top Menu. Each Blog contains something that I’ve written together with a featured photograph.

The first book was originally entitled “Persephone and the Photographer” and is still listed on Kindle even though I have now substantially rewritten it. Getting it deleted from the list seems to be a hassle. I have marked it as unpublished.

The title of the second edition of my first book is “Poppy and the Photographer”. The story is about two council staff who work for the same local authority in Northern England. She dislikes him from the outset of the story. It is available on Kindle.

The title of my second novella is “Sixty Years” and follows the lives, over sixty years, of a boy and girl, born only streets apart in wartime England. This book is now available on Amazon.

My third book – The Phoenix Time is one that I simply haven’t got around to putting on to Kindle yet. It tells the story of two young people who, in the first chapter meet in London to be told that they are to be made redundant by their company. She is divorced and he is married at that time.

My fourth book is about a photographer and a hairdresser. It is a tale of long unrequited love. Its title is “Katie and Gregg”, and it’s available on Amazon.

My most recent completed novella is called “Going Forward”. It tells the story of two people in their mid-thirties, both of whom have been or will be deserted by their spouses.

After completing “Going Forward”, I wrote a couple of short stories for entry in competitions. These have each been posted as blogs in their own right.

To bring this page up to date, I’ve just completed the writing of my sixth book, at more than 79000 words, the longest to date, Regarding Melissa. The book tells the story of a young woman who gets a job working in a camera shop and her relationship with the son of the owners.

My wife has also written two novels, the first of which is published as “Bees in their Bonnet” and the second is “Friends For Life”. I have posted chapter summaries of the second as blog posts.

She is working on a third novel, provisionally entitled “The Machinists”

My Blog

You can browse the progress of my writing by looking at the Archive’s month by month history of my Blogs.

You can also use the Archive as a means of finding individual posts about my books as follows.

Regarding Melissa – started 12 April and just completed in time for a final post on July 12.

Short Stories – started 30 March to 11 April

Phoenix Time – started 26 January to 29 March

Going Forward (Now retitled Nothing Ventured) 4 December – 24 January

Friends for Life – 18 November to 3 December

Gregg and Katie – 27 October to 17 November

My blogs about my earlier books are mainly about how I went about writing. For example, I completed a book called A New Fangled Tango but decided not to go any further with it. The posts about Sixty years are all about the writing process rather than the story. The posts about the Poppy Book are even less helpful – and the posts from August to early October 2020 are simply my rambling thoughts.

The Blog also contains a couple of weeks or so of photography techniques – from 9 October to 25 October, 2020

My Amazon Kindle Author Page url is

If you would like to read more about this book and my daily blog posts about writing and photography head over to my Writing page.