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I’ve got three books now published on Kindle as eBooks.

The title of the second edition of my first book is “Poppy and the Photographer”. The story is about two council staff who work for the same local authority in Northern England. She dislikes him from the outset of the story.

The title of my second novel is “Sixty Years” and follows the lives, over sixty years, of a boy and girl, born only streets apart in wartime England. This book is now available on Amazon.

My third book is about a photographer and a hairdresser. It is a tale of long unrequited love. Its title is “Katie and Gregg”, available on Amazon.

My most recent novel/novella is called “Nothing Ventured”. It tells the story of two people in their mid-thirties, both of whom have been or will be deserted by their spouses. This book, as at January 2021 been published only in instalment form on my Blog under a different title “Going Forward”. I’m still considering whether to publish it as an eBook.

Since completing “Nothing Ventured”, I’ve written a couple of short stories for entry in competitions.

My wife has also written two novels, the first of which is published as “Bees in their Bonnet” and the second is “Friends For Life”

She is working on a third novel, provisionally entitled “The Machinists”

My Amazon Kindle Author Page url is

If you would like to read more about this book and my daily blog posts about writing and photography head over to my Writing page.