100 followers – unbelievable! Thank you.

The people or machines that compute these things tell me that one hundred WordPress contributors of one ilk or another have, for one reason or another, subscribed to my site since August 2020.

Whoever you may be – thank you. I suspect that for many of you, having little else to do during lockdown may have had something to do with it – I am not vain enough to think that it had anything to do with my writing ability.

There are so many truly gifted people posting each day that, when I read their stories and see the photographs they’ve taken, I sometimes feel that I am here under false pretences.

Be that as it may, I have enjoyed publishing my meandering thoughts each day – and it’s uplifting to think that at least some of you may have taken the time to actually read what I’ve written rather than just tick a star on the extra burden of your email in-tray

For those of you who have been – a special thank you.

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