Going Forward – Chapter Twenty-Three


When she came to collect Paul, I carried his bag and walked to her car with him. She was alone. I opened the door for Paul to get in. I told her that he’d been asking a lot of questions about why we weren’t together anymore. I don’t know whether she was regretting having the chat with me that morning. She seemed to be being cool with me. She just ignored me and fastened his seat belt. I told her that her attitude wasn’t helping Paul to adjust and it would be nice if he could see us getting on together better. She told me that I shouldn’t be saying things like that in front of him. I asked her what other time or place would suit her but got no reply. She told me to leave it, she was taking Paul home for an early night because it was school the following day. She started the engine, so I gave up and closed the car door. I waved Paul off and walked back to my silent empty house..



Arranging meetings

Monday again. This morning I received the minutes of the previous meeting that Beverly had promised. I phoned Susie and asked if she was ready for us to meet up with Tony. She felt that it would be a good idea, but she thought that, if we could meet at her house, she could perhaps prototype Tony’s ideas on the mock website that she’d been working on for the past two weeks. I offered to phone Tony, but she thought that the invitation would be better coming from her. She promised to phone me back after she’d checked my availability over the next few days. I felt that it would be great if we could have something to show at the next full meeting that Beverley had suggested for the ninth of March, only two weeks away. I told her that I’d try to fix up meetings with Jason and Ben before the next full meeting too.

Susie phoned back within the hour. She’d spoken to Tony and we could meet on the Wednesday coming. Today was Monday. She asked me how I felt after the Parkrun and I told her that I was still a bit stiff. She suggested that I should come to the training group which met in the park each Thursday. I agreed, hoping that I’d be fit enough by then and that it would be a bit less demanding than the Saturday’s fairly competitive event. I spent the remainder of the morning sending off more job applications. One was for a Business Development Manager post that looked to be the kind of thing I was looking for, advertised by my local Council.

I got through to Jason on the phone early that afternoon. We arranged to meet at his house on the Tuesday of the first week in March. When I phoned Ben, he asked if he could tag along to the meeting with Jason instead of having a separate meeting.

Jason thought it would be a good idea when I asked him and he promised to phone Ben to invite him.

Progress with the website

Tony was already at Susie’s when I arrived just after nine on the Wednesday morning. She met me at the door, smiled, invited me inside, took my coat and led me into the dining room. She’d been showing Tony how she’d implemented the ideas we’d discussed the last time I’d been there. He’d brought his laptop with him to show us his ideas for a logo and the typeface that he’d be recommending. He was hoping that Susie could incorporate them both on the website – and on any outputs to the customers who’d be making purchases through the payment plugins by card or other payment systems. Susie wasn’t sure yet what financial interfaces Jason would be suggesting. I asked her if she’d like to come along to the meeting that I’d arranged with Jason and Ben. It looked like being a plenary meeting in its own right.

The logo that Tony had designed was one of these ultra-modern looking affairs with black horizontal lines, and an arrowhead from them, leading ahead from a two-letter block that incorporated the initials of the name he proposed for our venture – GF for Going Forward. Susie and I liked the name providing that it wouldn’t infringe anyone else’s copyright or trademarks. I promised to look into it. Susie and Tony had also been sending off job applications, Tony already had a job interview invitation for the week of our planned plenary meeting. It wasn’t a long meeting but it had been worthwhile.

Featured Photo

Today my featured photo was taken in Liverpool in January 2020 inside the Liverpool Council for Voluntary Services Building (LCVS). It shows the art deco themes in various ways and a side view of the spiral staircase that I’ll provide more photos of over the next few days.

The Exif data are as follows: Pentax K-1 36 MP full frame camera with a 15-30 mm f/2.8 lens @ 15 mm and f/8. Shutter speed was 1 secs and the ISO 100. The shot was mounted on a tripod and post processed in Lightroom Classic.

Author: writingandphotography0531

I am a retired local government officer. At that time, I was an IT manager and had associated responsibilities for training. I have previously been involved, in various organisations, with aspects of industrial training and management development. My hobby is photography and, until recently, hillwalking in Snowdonia. I have just written my first novel, Persephone and the Photographer, published as a Kindle eBook.

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