Someone gets dumped, someone proposes and someone gets married.

We leave Veronica’s story for a while – so much is happening in Kathleen’s life. The first thing is that she’s finally had enough of Albert’s dilly-dallying. He’d delayed long-enough in her mind, and had even wanted her to move to England because it would be convenient for HIS job! What about HER commitments? It would allow them to buy a house near to HIS mam – no thought to her having to be so far from HER family! She writes to him to tell him that he’s dumped.

By 1963, things have moved on for Kathleen. She’s really happy with her life. The businesses are doing well; her grandad has a newer car; they have a television set and a telephone; Jonah, now eight years old is happy at school and knows about his adoption. Kathleen has told him that his birth mam might come looking for him one day, but he protests that he doesn’t want to go with her – he wants to stay with Kathleen, whom he sees as his real mammy, and his grandparents. James, her dada has started work on refurbishing the old place that Kathleen had fancied as a piggery.

As he starts work on the old building, he realises that they’ll need outside help – especially with the roof, which needs doing first to keep the rain out while they’re working inside. He phones a local builder – Sean Connelly who comes out to take a look at what’s going to be involved. Sean says that he can do the job on Saturdays, but he’ll finish it faster if James helps him. That’s fine by James. Sean has noticed Kathleen playing with Jonah. He thinks that she’s really attractive and wonders if she’s married. Kathleen has kept looking at Sean with interest too. Her grandad notices, and asks Sean, will his wife not mind him working on Saturdays. Sean tells him that he isn’t married – hasn’t found anyone YET, but he’s sure there’s someone out there for him – as he looks pointedly at Kathleen.

The following week, Sean starts work. Jonah tells him that Kathleen’s made some tea in the kitchen. As he goes in, he ruffles Jonah’s hair and asks his name. He then asks where his name comes from, as Jonah isn’t Irish. Jonah tells him that his other Mum had named him John James when he was born but that he’d let out such a wail that Grandy had said his nickname should be Jonah. Sean wonders what this ‘other’ mammy was all about. He asks Jonah whether he like fishing and the boy says that he’s never been fishing, so he doesn’t know. Sean invites him to come fishing with him and the lad pleads with his mam, who isn’t sure. Sean invites her to come too, and it’s all agreed.

On the day, Kathleen’s made up a picnic and Sean has brought a child’s rod. Jonah catches a fish and Kathleen sees how gently Sean helps him to land it. He promises Jonah not to kill the fish, but to put it in a keep net and let it go later. He and Kathleen talk and he asks her about Jonah’s father. She explains the whole Veronica business and he’s horrified. They’ve all enjoyed the outing. They’ve caught seven fish in all. Sean asks Kathleen if she’ll come out with him for a meal so that he can get to know her better. She really likes him and is thrilled to be asked.

The meal, at a nice restaurant, goes well and they talk a lot, finding out a great deal about each other. Kathleen has enjoyed the evening and, on the way back, he asks if she’ll mind him pulling into a layby. He tells her how much he likes her and they agree to see each other regularly. They kiss – at first gently, then passionately. She tells him that she and Albert had never had sex and that he hadn’t even tried. Sean is incredulous. They agree to meet again the following Saturday.

They start going out regularly and Sean rents a flat nearby so that they can have time alone together. She gets to meet his family and invites them to the farm for a meal. By the time the building work is completed, he asks Michael, her grandad, does he agree that it’s time to move on to the next phase with Kathleen. Michael agrees. Sean makes a date for himself and Kathleen to go for another meal at the same restaurant as the first time. During the meal, after ordering some wine, he makes an excuse to get something from the car. Kathleen thinks that he looks nervous, but when he returns, he proposes on bended knee and she accepts to applause from the other diners.

The following day, they inform Jonah, who’s thrilled that he’ll have someone to call dada. They tell him that his name will be Jonah Connelly. Plans are made to turn the old building into a cottage for Kathleen, Sean and Jonah by the following Spring. The following year, they are married in the local church and take a honeymoon in Killarney. While they are away Kathleen’s Mum and Nan make nice curtains and cushions for the cottage. Jonah loves his new bedroom.

Tomorrow – Veronica’s luck changes.

Today’s photo is another I snapped in Eyeries on the Beara Peninsula of County Cork. I took this because the address plaque says that it’s the Pink House yet it’s painted pale blue! My camera was the 24 MP Pentax K3-ii with a 16-85 mm f/3.5-5.6 lens at f/16 and 28 mm. The shutter speed was 1/30 secs and the ISO 400.

Author: writingandphotography0531

I am a retired local government officer. At that time, I was an IT manager and had associated responsibilities for training. I have previously been involved, in various organisations, with aspects of industrial training and management development. My hobby is photography and, until recently, hillwalking in Snowdonia. I have just written my first novel, Persephone and the Photographer, published as a Kindle eBook.

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