Okay. I cheated. Sue me.

I said that I wouldn’t peek, but I did. Yesterday, I reported on my blog that I wasn’t going to look again at my draft for a week or so before I started proof-reading it. Nevertheless, I decided that it wouldn’t do any harm if I just checked through for a couple of inconsistences that I suspected were in there somewhere. Just a quick glance. No one was looking. Isn’t it surprising how easily we can rationalise doing things we shouldn’t do?

So, anyway, I peeked, and today’s photo shows the Sun peeking through early morning mist at King’s Moss, St Helens, Merseyside. I’m not trying to equate what I did with the Sun: It’s just my excuse to include a favourite shot of mine.

I took this photo in September last year using my Pentax K-1 camera plus a 15-30 mm f/2.8 lens at 28 mm and f/18 (to catch the starburst effect). The ISO was 100 and the shutter speed 3/10 seconds. I used a tripod but no filters.

I knew where to look for the inconsistencies in my draft and corrected them, but I also used the opportunity to have a look at some of the areas that I thought might need fleshing out. Well, why not? For example, wouldn’t Sandra have had family photographs on display in her house? And wouldn’t Gareth, while she was upstairs getting ready, have had a nosey? Wouldn’t it have been natural for him to say something about the photos – for example of her late husband – and for her to have said something in reply? I felt justified in filling in a couple of gaps like that – and it gave me another chance to say hello to them again.

So, yes, I peeked. Don’t be surprised if I do so again. Just don’t tell tales on me.

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