Not everything is Black and White

The title of today’s blog was inspired by photographs I looked at on the Blog of BlackandWhite1987. The relevance of the photograph being also in black and white is the discussion I created today between my two lead characters in A New Tangled Tango.

Gareth, you may remember has been facing a crisis of faith, Sandra is an avowed atheist. For some time they have been verbal sparring partners – Sandra usually kicks things off by her jibes about Christian attitudes. In a previous chapter I had Gareth telling Sandra that their views were probably not as far apart as she imagined, and had suggested that they meet up sometime to see if they could agree about their differences.

In the 3,000 words I’ve written today – yes it took so much – firstly they agree at the weekly dance to meet at her house and talk, over tea and cakes. The bulk of what I’ve written though – four sides of A4 – has been devoted to the discussion they had – by the end of which they were nearer to agreeing that – as my heading says – not everything is black and white.

I chose this particular black and white image because of the symbolism of a bridge between a faith symbol – St Paul’s Cathedral, London – and London’s secular South Bank.

I took this photograph at night, early in January this year, with my Pentax full frame 36 MP camera, using a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens at a focal length of 30 mm. The ISO was 100, the aperture was f/7.1and the shutter speed 30 seconds.

Thank you to those who liked yesterday’s post – DirtySciFiBuddha, Cait, BlackandWhite1987, TheTravellothoner and JohnWreford. I was really moved reading part of John’s blog about the situation in Syrian refugee camps.

Author: writingandphotography0531

I am a retired local government officer. At that time, I was an IT manager and had associated responsibilities for training. I have previously been involved, in various organisations, with aspects of industrial training and management development. My hobby is photography and, until recently, hillwalking in Snowdonia. I have just written my first novel, Persephone and the Photographer, published as a Kindle eBook.

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